Reel Media HD captures the power of Ayikodans

21 05 2011

Tiffany Muzante, owner of Reel Media HD, didn’t hesitate when asked to provide an in-kind high-definition performance reel for Ayikodans, set to take center stage at the Adrienne Arsht’s Carnival Studio on May 21 and 22, 2011.

Growing up, her family exposed her all types of arts, from dance, to music, singing and acting. She knows firsthand the positive impact in which the arts can have in one’s life.

“The performing arts is a field that enriches mind, body and soul and provides a form of expression that is, at its core, both transcendental and fundamentally human,” says Muzante.

During Ayikodans rehearsals, Muzante aimed to capture the deeply emotional and extremely technical ways this dance company from Haiti unravels their story on stage.

She says, “Ayikodans and their mission is nothing short of excellence.”