Jeanguy Saintus — the man behind the mission

22 03 2011

Visionary choreographer, dancer and educator, Jeanguy Saintus expresses the rich fusion of Caribbean culture and the contemporary life of his country through the body. He studied anthropology, sociology and languages; Haitian traditional dance, classical, modern and contemporary technique.  Founded Cie Ayikodans, a group that has matured over 20 years, establishing a centre and training programme. Researching and producing a new performance every year, Saintus continuously pushes the limits of modern dance. Folk performance, free improvisation, voodoo religious culture and varied African, indigenous Indian and French influences can be found in his work and his Haitian-Contemporary technique offers a unique vocabulary. Saintus’ experimentation has significantly developed Caribbean dance, rooting it in the region’s historical experience while exploring subjects such as the experience of people dying of Aids, the long journey to freedom, and tensions between ancestral forces and contemporary rituals.

To expand local possibilities, Saintus runs an annual workshop for talented youngsters unable to afford tuition, organizes cultural exchanges, invites guest artists to Ayikodans, teaches in The Netherlands, Japan, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominican Republic,
French Guyana, Canada, Jamaica, United States  and works internationally.

Jeanguy Saintus is awarded for his exciting contemporary work that connects the  spiritual and the physical and honours the human body, for expanding the possibilities of the dance medium and fostering young talent, and for inspiring pride in the strength, beauty and richness of Haitian identity.




2 responses

19 04 2011
Vitolio Jeune—a life dipped in dance « ayikodans

[…] During these years, Vitolio says he easily could have fallen into the hands of thieves or gang members, but on that day, he ran into Jeanguy. […]

3 05 2011
Al Crawford: Alvin Ailey Lighting Director shines his light on Ayikodans « ayikodans

[…] To prepare for the show, Crawford will travel to Port-au-Prince for three days to study the rehearsals and work closely with Ayikodans founder and choreographer Jeanguy Saintus. […]

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